The Flex-Wall™ is a high strength flexible wall that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of buildings or equipment.  It is constructed from textile based materials and metal posts that reside in a small container and are manually deployed.  The Flex-Wall™ can be long to surround buildings or short to close-off doorways.  All parts and equipment are stored at the point-of-use for maximum efficiency in an emergency.

 Product Attributes:

  • All components are stored at its point-of-use (no scrambling for parts in an emergency)
  • Small volume container – unobtrusive & low visual impact
  • Design is scalable to water levels from Riverine to Hurricane flooding with wave impactFlex-Wall Flood Protection
  • Deploy/retract small walls in minutes by a single person with minimal training
  • Can have doorways in walls that remain open until the last minute
  • Can deploy in high winds
  • Rugged construction and damping characteristics withstand debris impact
  • Can adapt to uneven ground
  • Can have corners
  • Can seal against existing facades without building modification


  • Open tamperproof covers
  • Deploy posts if wall is long (lift and place into receivers)
  • Raise the flexible wall and hook on posts
  • Capture ends of wall and compress gaskets
  • Reverse procedure to stow the system