Passenger Airships

Flown in many countries, ILC’s airships are a high-profile advertising vehicle used successfully by Van Wagner Outdoor Advertising and by Zeppelin, which has a new partnership with Goodyear.  ILC has produced more than 50 airships structures since 1995 to support the advertising and tourism industries.

The new LZN07 220-foot-long airship envelope fabricated for Zeppelin is designed to interface with a semi-rigid passenger airship structure. Tight tolerances are maintained during production to assure the envelope interfaces properly with the rigid superstructure. The airship received its certification in 2001 and has operated on three continents. The new Goodyear ships will incorporate the ILC envelope structure.  Take a look at this new interactive video of the Zeppelin airship.

As part of our development of the Van Wagner Outdoor Advertising vehicles we qualified a unique translucent multi-layer film laminate envelope for internally illuminated airships.  These eye catching vehicles have operated successfully on six continents.

In 2005, under contract to the American  Blimp Corporation, ILC developed and produced a 170,000 cu. ft airship to serve as a test platform for the US Navy. This airship, referred to as the MZ-3A,  has been in operation for more than 4 years and is continuing to serve as an effective test asset.