Commercial Space Suits

Our first IVA space suit was the Apollo suit which met IVA and EVA needs during all mission phases. More recently, we have been designing and manufacturing next generation suits for NASA and commercial space exploration programs. We have developed several new space suits to support suits that protect the crew in Launch, Entry, and Abort (LEA) phases of flight with outstanding performance. As a member of several Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) teams, we will develop highly capable, cost effective systems to NASA and Commercial Company requirements. Our goal is to provide the right pressure suit for each customer's needs ranging from nominal launch and entry and protection from the elements after landing to protection during emergencies and, if required, contingency EVA.

Our extensive history in space suit programs (Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle, ISS, Constellation, and now commercial) programs has kept our team at the forefront of mobility joint design, human interface, material developments, fabrication and test techniques, and quality procedures which has served to create an impressive record of safe and reliable suits to enable exploration.