Man wearing Sentinel XL™ CBRN system

The Sentinel XL™ CBRN system is specifically designed for the emergency preparedness decon team wearers.  As a NIOSH approved loose fitting CBRN PAPR it's specifically been tested to withstand the harshest threat.  ILC Dover PPE products are available for purchase on our GSA schedule: GS-07F-342AA.

These advanced CAP2 CBRN systems and butyl hoods are in stock and ready for immediate shipment! 

Unique features include:

  • NIOSH approved backpack permits easy storage and ergonomic use
  • The only NIOSH approved CAP 2 loose fitting CBRN PAPR - delivers twice the filter performance of a CAP 1 system
  • Unique lay flat hood design saves space during storage and allows the hood to fit our customized NIOSH approved backpack
  • Available with alkaline battery adapter - increases readiness even during  power outages