Chemturion Suits

Woman wearing ILC Dover's Chemturion Protective Suit

Your Suit of Armor in Hazardous Environments

Trust ILC's Chemturion™

When working in hazardous environments, you know that the safety of your people is your #1 concern. Your people trust you to make the right decisions about protective gear. Trust ILC Dover to help you make the proper choice. The Chemturion™ Suit is a durable totally encapsulating protective suit proven ideal for use in the processing of potent compounds. This conformal fitting suit with its 300° visor minimizes worker fatigue. High volume air flow, made possible by multiple exhaust valves, supplies added cooling. These combined features provide comfort during extended wear, this increasing efficiency and productivity in manufacturing and laboratory applications.

Selecting Chemturion's chemical protective material

Knowing the grave importance of the first decision, in 1979, ILC's team of materials experts developed a chemical suit material that met their high chemical resistance standards. A lot went into this effort - over fifteen years of extensive involvement in the space program and numerous government contracts. The end result was a superior suit material - Cloropel™.

Cloropel™, an enhanced CPE with improved performance characteristics, serves as a powerful protection barrier between you and your hazardous environment. Cloropel™ has been fabricated into a 20 mil blue material - for high visibility and safety.