Impact Bags

Deflated Impact Attenuation System on Mars

Inflatable impact attenuation systems (airbags)

ILC Dover is a world leader in flight proven inflatable impact attenuation systems with 3 successful landings on Mars and numerous test programs on earth.

IBoeing CST-100 Airbags by ILC DoverLC Dover has decades of experience in the design, analysis, and manufacture of inflatable airbag systems. Our most notable accomplishments are the Mars Pathfinder and Mars Exploration Rover (MER) airbags which successfully landed the Sojourner, Spirit, and Opportunity rovers on the surface of Mars. In addition to planetary landing systems, we designed  and fabricated  test airbag systems to safely return manned and unmanned space systems to the surface of earth. This includes airbags for the Boeing CST 100 Commercial Crew Vehicle,  Orion Crew Vehicle, and the Boeing Advanced Launch System.  Vented airbags have the capacity to land extremely heavy payloads weighing over 20 tons.