Stairwell Flex-Gate™

The Stairwell Flex-Gate™ is a high strength closure that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of transit system or building stairwells.  It is constructed from textile based materials that reside in a structural metal frame and deploy in the same manner as a roll-up security door.  All parts and equipment are stored at the point-of-use for maximum efficiency in an emergency.

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Product Attributes:

  • All components are stored at its point-of-use (no scrambling for parts in an emergency)
  • It can be installed in a horizontal or vertical orientation above or in the stairwell
  • Small volume container – unobtrusive & low visual impact
  • Design is scalable to water levels up to 30ft and deployable in high winds
  • Deploy in under 10 minutes by a single person with minimal training and no special equipment
  • Manually operated (can be automated)

Product Types:

  • Horizontal stairwell (single or multiple lane)
  • Vertical stairwell (at bottom of stairs)
  1. Open tamperproof step and guiderail plates
  2. Crank cover to closed position using supplied ratchet
  3. Lock end sealing plate & deploy entrance guard
  4. Reverse procedure to open system