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Wring highly viscous materials out of your shipping and transfer totes with ILC Dover’s XtraktTM system

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Watch Video For Details

EIGHT advantages, ONE smart solution

Works with existing pumps
Once your positive displacement diaphragm or piston pump empties 65% - 85% of product from your intermediate bulk container’s (IBC) inner liner, a push of a button engages the Xtrakt™ system’s drive unit to help complete the extraction.
Minimal operator intervention
Typical IBC extraction requires manual tugging, twisting, lifting or tilting of the liner, putting workers at risk for injury. Xtrakt™ is a hands-free system.
A stronger, dual wall liner
Standard liners may tear under stress. ILC Dover’s flexible liner offers double-wall strength and texturing tailored to wring and recover more residual product.
Integrated System
The Xtrakt™ system components, rugged drive unit and pneumatic control system reside on a deployment cart which is easily moved within the facility.
Driving more savings
As the drive unit is activated, it tensions the dual-wall liner and begins to crawl down the bag, continuing to present liquid to the pump to support full discharge.
Stops automatically
Designed to shut down once it reaches the bottom of each liner, the Xtrakt™ drive unit help dispense all but 2 kg or less of product.
Savings add up. Fast
A facility processing 5,000 liners a year (1,000 kg of product/liner) experiences about 15 kg of residual product loss/liner, or 75,000 kg of product lost annually.
Greater worker safety, too
Because the Xtrakt™ System’s automated recovery of residual products eliminates the need for worker intervention during discharge, the risk of an injury and worker’s compensation claims are reduced. And the empty, single-use liners are stackable for easy disposal.

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The Xtrakt™ System drive unit's ergonomic design makes it easy for a single operator to handle.
The specially designed ILC Dover flexible liner has double-wall strength and texturing tailored to work with the Xtrakt™ drive unit.
Single-use dual-wall liner plus residual product content weighs just over 1.5 kg

Economics Favor the XtraktTM System

Compared to even the best air-assisted discharge systems, the Xtrakt system offers substantial cost savings and a fast return on investment because the Xtrakt system reduces:

  1. Residual Product Loss
  2. Labor Associated with Attempted Recovery of Residual
  3. Disposal Costs for Unrecovered Residual Product

The Xtrakt system’s design and hands-off operation also offer the potential to substantially lower operator lost time and worker’s compensation claims.
With all of these advantages, the Xtrakt system can significantly increase operational profitability for any firm conveying viscous liquids.reduces the time needed for changeover, lowers staff costs, and frees staff to work on more vital jobs, which all contribute to profitability.

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